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Experience Sustainable Growth

Winn Fuqua

Winn Started his handyman business in 2020 after 30 + years as a photographer. Winn has grown his business to include a CSR since joining The Handyman Academy in 2022. “When I first started my handyman business I had no idea how much to charge, how to get business or where I could get answers for all my questions. Being part of The Handyman Academy helped me do all of that. Allen Lee is generous with his knowledge and made sure I understood that if you work hard, follow a few guidelines and have a warrior mentality you can make a great living doing this work. If you are a tradesman looking for a better way to grow your business or if your business is running you instead of you running your business, then this group is exactly where you should be.

Learn how to price and make a profit!


I have been bidding for jobs without having a base point. I have been going out on an estimate and putting out numbers that I thought were where we needed to be. After going through this course, I realize I’ve been looking at pricing all wrong. I have been working 60 plus billed hours a week. With the handyman pricing guide I found that I should have been only doing 25 billed hours a week for the same amount of money. This way I can lower my time in the field and still increase profits. I’ve been averaging 80 plus total hours a week. I am going to try and halve that and should still see an increase in my monthly revenue. By doing this I can now work more on my business, not just in it, and still have time left over to spend with the family. Thank you Allen for the information from this course!